inFINitely closer

In a little over three weeks, 27 Dresses will be opening nationwide in movie theatres. (That would be January 11, 2008, if you wish to mark your calendars.) And--finally--there is some hope that my bit as the Scuba Bride has not been left on the cutting room floor. If you watch this Access Hollywood segment, narrated by Billy Bush, you will see unmistakable evidence of scuba. In one clip, James Marsden holds up my magenta swim fins. Yes! The very fins I wore! The successive brief blip of a clip shows the scuba wedding party itself--underwater, of course. Later on in the story there is some quick behind-the-scenes footage of multiple tacky dresses on a long beach boardwalk and I am in that shot somewhere. Really!

Need to refresh your memory about my lovely outfit? Click here for a reminder.

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ellen said...

It's on my list of movies to see!