The Best Type of Gig

In the world of performance, the best types of jobs are those in which no audition is involved. Instead, someone just calls you up and says, "Jim (or, whatever your name happens to be), we're doing a [insert type of job here] and we'd like to cast you as the [insert role here]. Are you interested?" Once one has acquired such name-brand recognition, doors begin to open on a much more rapid scale. And, in fact, this is what happened to me yesterday--sort of.

One of the CDs in the area called me to find out if I was willing to be placed on first refusal* for a television commercial to be shot today. They needed someone with a specific skill--the ability to swim. In fact, I do swim, having grown up in a hot climate where swimming pools are prevalent, and I indicated so, and that I would be willing to work the job were it offered to me. I was gratuitously and multiply thanked, and the call was ended.

At this moment, I am not on the job. In fact, I haven't heard a thing since. Surely this swim gig wouldn't be in an outdoor pool--we're expecting four inches of snow tomorrow. Was someone else hired? Have there been changes to the spot? Could the shooting schedule have changed? Did someone forget to call me to say I am no longer on first refusal? The potential answer to all of these questions is Yes. And, it is possible I could still be booked--just not for today.

This could still become the best type of gig.

* First Refusal-- When talent accepts the right of first refusal on a job, it implies the producer(s) wish to keep the talent "on hold" for the projected shoot dates until they decide if they wish to book the talent for the job. If the talent is offered another job during the same period it is the responsibility of the talent to report to the producer(s) if s/he has accepted the job offered and will no longer be available for the intial job for which s/he is "on hold".

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