Performance paradox

This afternoon I participated in a friend's recital in which I presented Sara Teasdale's poem "War in Spring-Time". In an ironic twist of fate, the building in which the recital was being recorded was also serving as a holding area for extras in the new feature film The Box--a film I auditioned for about a month ago. I hadn't actually thought again about this audition until I saw the stream of people in 'fros, bell-bottoms and other nifty threads from ca. 1970 streaming down the hallway. Plus, there were all those printed signs taped up everywhere reading, "Holding–Extras", with "the Box" scrawled on with black marker.

It's been a month. Frankly, I'm not expecting to hear from the CD or the project, despite my "great" audition. Though, stranger things have happened in this industry! Perhaps they're running behind on casting. Perhaps I can fill a last-minute casting need for another part. Who knows?! I certainly don't.

Oh, how did the recital go? It was fabulous!

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