Nondum perficio

These past couple of weeks I've been a-hankerin' for an audition with a well-received and highly-praised Boston-based theatre company. They're slated to produce a challenging and interesting show (which, like the theatre company, shall go unnamed for now) that is of great interest to me. And, in fact, it contains a character for which I think I would be perfect. So, heretofore, I've played by the rules.

Per the posting, I emailed a headshot and resume with a kind--but brief!--introductory message. Then, after waiting several days, I thought why not follow up? I hadn't heard anything. Perhaps the troupe had not received my email. So, I followed up, indicating that I was just writing to verify that, indeed, my materials had been received, and I attached my headshot and resume once more. For good measure.

Now, it having been at least a week since my last message, I find myself wondering do they not like me? have they already judged me without having met me? did they not receive either of the email messages I've sent? should I do something futher? There are six days until the posted audition date. I certainly don't wish to be a nuisance, however, I do think I would be ideal for this particular role and an audition certainly couldn't harm my chances at the part.

What to do?


Anonymous said...

Call them-- lots of people respond better to the phone than email.


alecia said...

Yep. The posting said "no calls." I had thought of that, though.