A lost dress?

Today, a good friend of mine pointed me to this 28-image online People.com photo spread, asking, "Which one is your dress?" (She recalled that I had been cast as the Scuba Bride in the upcoming Katherine Heigl/James Marsden flick 27 Dresses.) Well, I hastened to the site and scrolled through the photos, recognizing all but two of them and noting that none of them were the dress I wore.

The dress, if it can be called that, is just as noted in this EW article, "Heigl strides into a Providence coffee shop looking a little bleary-eyed. At 11 o'clock the night before, she was still on the set of 27 Dresses — in a bathing cap and tutu, with a scuba regulator in her mouth, to shoot an underwater wedding scene."

Well, after much debate, I have elected to share with you my own, personal still captured one day on the set. The only props missing from this photo? The pink goggles and fuchsia fins!

27 Dresses will be released on 11 January 2008.


Diana said...

Love the swimming cap!

Alecia said...