Does it fit me to a T?

A few times, now, people have commented on this image, posted at the MBTA website and in the MBTA's Copley Station, wondering if the person in the lower left-hand corner is me. Was this a print job?, they ask. Is this you? No, this was not a formal print job. I would remember it were it so. However, it is entirely possible an MBTA employee was standing in the intersection one day, taking a photo of the future T-stop site when I happened to be walking past.

The image has been altered to appear more like a drawing, and aspects of it have clearly been tweaked. The new T-stop and sign have been added, as well. Who knows? It could very well be me in this image. I've pondered it while waiting for the green line and in some ways I am quite similar to the person in this image, despite the fact she appears to have six digits on her left hand. (I do not.) No matter--I doubt this single image, should it be me, would launch an amazing and successful performance career. As I've said before, though, stranger things have happened!


Diana said...

It does look like you! Do you own a jacket like that? The hair looks different, though. Hmm...a mystery we may never solve!

alecia said...

Yes, the hair does look slightly different, but it could have been altered. And, I do own a similar jacket.