No news is good news

Though I've had some tremendous audition opportunities in recent weeks, none of them have panned out for me. Perhaps I have not looked as the client wants. Perhaps I have not performed exactly as the client desired. Perhaps I haven't been in top form. Perhaps I wasn't in "the right place at the right time". Whatever the case may be, not working as often has afforded me time to review my skills and talents to determine how I can further improve myself.

I think people--and, in particular, non-performers--may not realize that utilizing a talent requires talent maintenance. Just as non-runners would not awake one morning declaring, "I'm going to run a marathon today!", actors, singers, painters, sculptors, writers, dancers and other talented people must actively maintain their "talent muscle" by exercising it daily and looking for new and creative ways with which to use it. We must always be available to use our skills sets in new and different ways, and not be surprised when asked to do something unusual.

Knowing that my primary skills are classical singing, dramatic acting, foreign languages and voice over, developing a methodology through which I can elevate my standard of performance is key. Creating new outlets through which I can display my skills may be beneficial, and finding a mentor off which new ideas may be bounced could provide a profitable constant.

As the Scout motto states, "Be prepared", and that I aim to be. Though I may not be working, I am definitely improving. See? No news can be good news.

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