Much has happened these past several days, so I'll take a moment to summarize each event rather than post individual entries for each.

  • As you've read, the Chichester Psalms with the Choir of St. George's Chapel went very well.
  • I was invited to audition for a principal role in the new dramatic thriller The Box. I did my research, preparation and practice. I arrived about 15 minutes prior to my audition time, but I could tell things were running a bit behind. So I waited patiently until I was called. there were three of us at the end, and all were auditioning for the same role. The woman called in prior to me was in the audition room for about 7 minutes. I can only assume she was given direction and may have had some questions about the side. I was up next. The casting director offered me a run-through, but after brief consideration I declined saying, "No. Let's just do it and see what happens." So, I was slated, I performed, and then it was done. The CD commented, "That was...great. Thank you." I was in the room for, perhaps, 90 seconds. The woman auditioning after me said, "Wow. That was short!" She was correct. I feel confident in the audition I gave and that I appeared professional, personable and relaxed. Now, I hope for a callback!
  • Over the weekend, I was Assistant Director for a short film tentatively titled "Fate Scores". The process could not have gone any more smoothly. The producer was excellent, the talent was professional and patient, the weather could not have been more beautiful or more cooperative, and the cinematographer knew what he was doing. I think the end product will be interesting to watch and beautiful to look at. More information on this film will be presented here and at aleciabatson.com as it becomes available.
  • My myspace page is finally up and running. If you'd like to befriend me, please do so!
Happy Halloween, everyone! Trick-or-treat safely!

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