Improv this!

Earlier today I had an audition for two web-only spots for a large, brand-name hotel chain. So, after signing in upon arrival and taking a seat with the other talent present, the casting associate came out to ask each of us to review specific spot descriptions. Quickly, I deduced there was no copy to read. Each spot was brief but comic and memorable, and it was up to the talent to improvise. And, of course, I was up as first of the day.

After slating my name for the camera, I began my interpretation of the first spot. Once finished, I was given some direction and asked to do it slightly differently. The same events happened for the second spot. About halfway through my audition, I realized I was acting in complete silence--because there was no copy. Essentially, I was miming for the camera. How dumb this will look on tape, I thought. So, I began to add appropriate verbiage as needed.

I left having no idea how I did and feeling rather sheepish. I think I captured the spirit of each spot. Hopefully, if nothing else, the viewers of the tape will have a good chuckle.

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