Sending out good thoughts

Tomorrow, I've got a voice over audition for a radio spot. It's for a major client with whom I've worked before and I think they liked me last time. Hopefully they'll like me again! I really want to get this gig, so I'm sending good thoughts out into the universe. And I'm practicing my copy. Om.


Improv this!

Earlier today I had an audition for two web-only spots for a large, brand-name hotel chain. So, after signing in upon arrival and taking a seat with the other talent present, the casting associate came out to ask each of us to review specific spot descriptions. Quickly, I deduced there was no copy to read. Each spot was brief but comic and memorable, and it was up to the talent to improvise. And, of course, I was up as first of the day.

After slating my name for the camera, I began my interpretation of the first spot. Once finished, I was given some direction and asked to do it slightly differently. The same events happened for the second spot. About halfway through my audition, I realized I was acting in complete silence--because there was no copy. Essentially, I was miming for the camera. How dumb this will look on tape, I thought. So, I began to add appropriate verbiage as needed.

I left having no idea how I did and feeling rather sheepish. I think I captured the spirit of each spot. Hopefully, if nothing else, the viewers of the tape will have a good chuckle.


What it's really like.

Some of you have asked what I have been up to since there has been somewhat of a lull since my last post. Well, most of my time has been spent taking a bit of a vacation. Vacationing isn't bad, since everyone deserves a break now and again, but I'd rather be working in one of the three features currently shooting in town--Bachelor No. 2, The Women, or Pink Panther Deux. Though I was called in to audition for a supporting role and a featured role in Bachelor, I got neither (they decided to cast the supporting role in L.A.). The same goes for two bit parts in The Women, and, despite the fact that fluent French speakers were sought for Pink Panther, they clearly weren't seeking me. Ah, well. C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas?

See, folks? This is what it's really like to be a working talent.