Puppet at your service

I just returned from auditioning for a role in a healthcare company spot. I'm not certain if the project is an ad or an industrial, but I know it's definitely a one-day shoot sometime next month. Auditions are strange when they're not for major projects like television dramas, sit-coms, or feature films because you never know what they're going to ask you to do when you walk in.

Today, I was paired up with another actress whom I'd never met before. She was quite friendly, and we'd had a good time in the waiting room watching and listening as one casting intern called an elderly woman and asked her to attend an audition. It became evident that the woman on the other end of the phone was hard of hearing when the intern kept saying, "Marie*. No. My name is Mah-REE. Yes, my name is still Marie." Everyone in the room had gotten a good chuckle and a few tears of laughter out of that when the other actress and I were called into the audition room.

We were told that this audition should show friendship, facial movement, compassion, hugging and expression. So, she and I promptly concocted an entire conversation, a history of friendship, and we gabbed about the imagined as though it were real. Hopefully we captured whatever it is they're seeking.

In other instances, my more unusual (and often line-free) auditions have consisted of:

• waving
• smiling
• pretending to drive a car
• watching a two-year-old throw a telephone handset into a garbage can
• hiding under a bedsheet and appearing "sheepish yet surprised"
• looking wistfully through an imaginary window
• miming

I have a sneaking suspicion that this gig--should I get it--may not be my big break. It could be fun, though.

*Not the real name of the intern.

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