I am woman! (Part 2)

So, yesterday I auditioned for The Women. I prepared the two small parts I was assigned and the third (with which I really identified), and arrived early for my audition.

As the only one in the waiting room I figured, surely, I would audition soon. 35 minutes and 7 people in the waiting area later, I was called in. Soon, the tardiness of the process became clear: the Associate Casting Director (ACD) was running the show, and it seemed the CD was observing the process. The ACD seemed a bit nervous and a bit disorganized, as I had to provide him with my audition copy when he did not have his own. Nevertheless, he was very professional and clearly knew how to run the show.

The two bit parts were recorded twice. I conveyed that I had prepared the third role when it was explained to me that the writer had envisioned "a younger, a much younger person in the part." (Now, it should be relayed that this particular character's scene is constructed to show up the women of age by portraying youth and brains in a lightening-fast package of honest brilliance.) I, knowing the actresses who would probably be playing the older women in the scene, began to wonder: how old must I look? Do I already look so old that I could not play youth? It cannot be that bad; I am still mistaken for a college student. Does the writer picture a high-school student in the part?

Maybe I should be considering Botox...

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