One down. (How many more to go?)

So, it's done. I've auditioned for Bachelor No. 2. I arrived early at the audition location to allow myself time to prepare mentally and emotionally because the various scenes I was asked to prepare required a wide variety of dramatic states. While waiting (in focused silence with three men and another woman) I experienced a wide range of emotions: nervousness; seriousness; pleasure (to be sitting there); dread (to be sitting there); apathy. After about 25 minutes of waiting, concentrating, watching, practicing, I deduced that no one in the waiting room was reading for the same part. So, it was calming knowing none of us were in competition with another.

When time came for me to audition, I entered the room and my friend M was running the camera; the other CD M was reading. The scenes were performed in three sections and M & M were very accommodating. I brought a couple of props with me: a tissue and a $20 bill to slap on a table (however, there was no table). We read the first section twice and the remainders once.

I tried to make my character as sincere, vulnerable and encouraging as possible. She clearly has high moral values and expectations, but low standards, and the humor in her experience lies in her sincerity and commitment. Overall, I feel surprisingly pleased with my performance. I didn't accomplish everything I wanted, but I did the best I could with what I had at the time, and I think that aspect of the performance will come across on tape. Truly, I'd like to have a chance to portray this character because I really grew to like her and her quirky nature.

Plus, I was having a really good hair day. Think they'll choose me just for that?

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