All things happen for a reason

Well, today is July 20, the purported final shooting date of the episode of Brotherhood for which I auditioned a few weeks ago. (I surmise that I have not been cast in the part.) As much as I would have *loved* to play that character, I also recognize that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps the shooting schedule is off and they haven't called me yet. Perhaps there is another role they wish to cast me in. Perhaps there is a better role in a different production somewhere down the line with my name on it. What I do know is this: I felt confident with the audition I presented given the minimal preparation time I had; the CD seemed pleased with my audition; though we may not always understand why things happen, they do happen for reasons, and we do grow to understand why they've occurred.

I can't wait to find out the purpose for this experience!

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Diana said...

That's a very positive way to think about it! I've got my fingers crossed that another (and better) project comes your way!