What makes a career?

You know, I was reviewing the subtitle of my blog, "one girl's odyssey toward that career-making part", and I thought to myself, "I've already got a career--of sorts." So, what makes a career? Is it a fame-making part? (William Hung's audition brought him fame. Does he have a career?) Is it a defining character or type with which one is consistently identified? (John Wayne commonly played the Everyman in Westerns and war epics. Was that his career or the premise of his career?) Is it simply the path created by experience?

My Pocket Webster School & Office Dictionary tells me that the noun "career" can be defined as "an occupation or calling". The unabridged (v. 1.1) Dictionary.com tells me that the term career can refer to "an occupation or profession, esp. one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework" as well as "success in a profession." It may be a combination of the latter--success in a profession or endeavor--and fame or prominence in that profession with which the general public typically associates a career. Essentially, in order to be deemed to have a career, one must be successful (is that financially successful?) *and* well-known within one's vocation. I'm already working in various media formats. Casting directors know me and my skills. I do audition successfully on a regular basis. Is this a career? I have identified myself as a professional auditionee (I know, not a word) so, in essence, auditioning is my occupation.

I may need to reevaluate my subtitle.


ellen said...

Nice blog!

Alecia said...

Thanks, ellen!