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I've just learned the new Paramount Pictures film The Great Debaters is currently in production and under the direction of Denzel Washington! It's being produced by Harpo. The film is slated to shoot in the area in coming weeks and I know casting for local principals and supers has begun. So, I've begun my auditions campaign. My goal? A principal part. This is a period film and I love to do period work; I feel my talents are best exhibited in period pieces. Knowing the plot of the film is a plus, too. The story involves Texans from a small college who debate Harvard and, having lived in Texas for awhile, I think I'm rather well-suited for the project. Perhaps not coincidentally, I happen to know the casting director who is in charge of the locals casting. (You see, as with most major feature films, all the major roles in this project have already been cast in L.A., but the smaller parts have been farmed out to a local CD.) So, my next best bet is a principal part. I've already mailed off a photo and a quick cover note to the CD to let her know of my interest. Wish me luck!

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