Desirable (Part 2)

I auditioned for Showtime's Brotherhood this morning. Typically, I enjoy receiving as much information as possible in advance of auditions. But I realize that, in some cases, this is not possible. And this audition was one of those cases--one in which I knew next to nothing about my character beforehand, and could only use that information which is already common knowledge (as well as those tools contained in my handy bag of acting skills) to my advantage. Arriving early is always a boon, and I used my time to scrutinize the script pages I had been handed, seeking every bit of information that could be useful.

After a quick glance, I soon learned my character's scene is of great importance but is also very short and demands a wide emotional range within a period of, say, 10 seconds. After surmounting the initial surprise of the scene, I got down to business and paced around the room, attempting to visualize, understand and embody this woman whom I've just met, and who is about to experience tremendous shock.

When the time came to perform, the CD came in, inquired about any actions I might take, provided some direction and then we began. Two takes were done in about seven minutes' time. The CD then thanked me, I took a minute to compose myself and on my way out, the CD told me when the episode might shoot, that the tape would be sent off for consideration today, and that I did well. How kind!

Now, if I could get a callback, I would seal the deal. Or, they could just offer the part to me outright, which would be even better! Ah, if wishes were horses...

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